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2015-2016 USBC Playing Rules


Legislative Update


The following is a synopsis of the changes since the last printing of this book. The synopsis lists the rule and the change. All changes are effective August 1, 2015.


Award Rules


Rule 51a, 51b. Youth Single Game and Series Awards. Extends eligibility for High Score Awards to all levels of USBC Youth membership.


League Rules


Rule 102c. Duties of the President. Requires bank statements to be sent to the president.


Rule 102f. Duties of the Treasurer. Changes the time frame for retaining treasurer records from 120 days to one year from the completion of the season.


Rule 106a. Series - How Bowled. Allows for each game or frame to be bowled on a different pair of lanes.


Rule 111c. Request. Changes request time to prior to scheduled start time.


Sport Bowling Rules


Rule 200a. League. Delete item 4 since this is not part of the definition of a Sport Bowling League.


Rule 204. Awards. Changes Average Awards to reflect the top one percent of bowlers.


Tournament Rules


Rule 318. Average - Youth competition. Changes minimum entering average for youth to 12 games, including summer averages.


Rule 319a. Conditions that Apply. Treats all averages, including summer averages, the same.


Rule 320a. Two Lanes Required. Allows for each tournament game or frame to be bowled on a different pair of lanes.


Rule 329a. Protest and Appeals. Changes the time frame for protesting infractions to 72 hours or prior to prize payments, whichever comes first, and the time frame for appealing tournament manager’s decision to 10 days.


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