This Organization was formed for the purpose of uniting in a central organization all qualified USBC sanctioned bowling teams, leagues and affiliated individuals bowling in certified establishments, located on the island of O'ahu.

Upcoming events



Thursday May 21st, 2015 @9am & 2pm

WOMENS HANDICAP TEAM EVENT:                                  Thursday May 21st, 2015 @6pm


Friday May 22nd, 2015 @8am

OPEN HANDICAP TEAM EVENT:                               Friday May 22nd, 2015 @5pm & 9pm

Saturday May   23rd, 2015 @6pm                

OPEN HANDICAP SINGLES/DOUBLES EVENT:   Saturday May 23rd, 2015 @8am & 1pm

  Sunday May 24th, 2015 @8am, 1pm, & 6pm 

The PBA Regional Tour is coming back to Hawaii in 2015

Schofield Bowling Center, Wednesday, April 29th at 1800

Click here for Schofield entry form

Hickam Bowling Center, Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd at 1800

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Click here for Hickam entry form


OAHU USBC WBA 73rd Annual City Tournament 2015

Where: FT Shafter Bowling Center and Leeward Bowling Center

Team Event

Seniors Squad: 9:00am, June 13th

Open Squad:  12:00pm, June 14th

Open Squad: 9:00, June 14th

Dbls and Singles Event

Seniors Squad: 8:00am, June 20

Open Squad: 2:00pm, June 21

Open Squad:  6:30pm, June 21


Chick Here for entry form and rules



Hawaii Scratch Challenge

A place for bowlers, from youth to seniors, for skill levels from beginners to Hawaii's elite to bowl in competitive scratch tournaments in Hawaii!!!!

Date: TBA

Click here for the entry form and rules


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What's New!


The 65th OAHU USBC BA City Handicap Championship was completed.

Click here for the tournament results

OBA USBC Modified Doubles Handicap Tournament

Click here for tournament results

48 Annual Hawaii State USBC Open Handicap Tournament

Click here for the tournament results


Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center Frequently asked questions about Electronic Cigarettes

If you bowl at a military base you are aware of the rules and regulations that govern the bases. Click on the link below to see the rules for the use of electronic cigarettes in buildings on base.

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League Officers Certification on

Officer Certification

The USBC Officer Certification Program teaches league presidents, secretaries and treasurers his or her responsibilities for the office positions he or she holds or wishes to seek. In order to become a certified officer, a member must first go through the instructional course and then pass the exam.

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Prior to taking an officer course, all members will have to take our Basic Bowling Course and pass the exam.

A one-time $25 registration fee is required. Once paid, members will be able to take any course he or she desires.

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BWAA Virtual Youth Challange

The Bowling Writers Association of America (BWAA) and Virtual have teamed up to present a weekly scholarship tournament for youth Bowlers.The Virtual Youth Challenge (VYC) is designed to encourage Youths to bowl in weekly leagues by providing an avenue to win Scholarships with their league scores. Our Tournament will also aid in the funding of the Chuck Pezzano Scholarship Fund in addition to the USBC's YES Fund.

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The Foundation - One World, One Game

Check out The Cornerstone, The Foundation Newsletter.

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On November 19, 2010, the Ball and Chain League (established in the 1960’s) held a Bowl for the Cure fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Bowl for the Cure at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam Bowling Center. 

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On Dec10th  the Phantoms will be talking with Jason Couch


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A Short History of Bowling

The history of bowling can be traced back to the Stone Age. The first evidence of the game was discovered by the British Anthropologist Sir Flinders Petrie and his team of archaeologists in Egypt in the 1930s. He unearthed a collection of objects from a small childs grave that appeared to have been the primitive form of the game. However, some argue that the game evolved much later than that. William Pehle, a German historian, claimed that the game of bowling originated in Germany around 300 AD. In Germany, the game had its origin as a religious ceremony for determining absence of sin. This game, introduced by the German monks to the masses, flourished as a customary test of faith.

In England, bowling was started as early as the 1100s. Throughout England, several variations of bowling, such as half-bowls, skittles and ninepins, existed during the mid 1300s. But, the first written mention of the game was made by the King Edward III in the year 1366. In this reference, he allegedly imposed a ban on playing this game among his troops because it was distracting the troops from archery practice. Later, during the regime of King Henry VIII, the game gained popularity and was played as a symbol of nobility and social status.

Bowling has been popular in America since Colonial days. During 17th century, English, Dutch and German settlers imported their own version of bowling to America. At that time, the game consisted of nine pins which were regularly played in an area of New York City still known as "Bowling Green". Connecticut banned ninepins in 1841 because of their gambling implications.


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